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2022 African American Day Parade

“The Tribune Society, Inc. of the Courts in the State of New York is a fraternal organization of African Americans and other minority judicial and non-judicial court personnel. Founded in 1968 by a group of peace officers, its chief objectives are to consistently improve the administration of justice and  ensure equal opportunity for all who work in or whom the New York Unified Court System serves. To this end, The Tribune Society seeks to promote and extend diversity on the judiciary and upper echelon non judicial positions within the NYS Unified Court System. Moreover, we support and promote affirmative action generally to assure equal justice and self-improvement on behalf of our people.”

Leah Richardson

President, The Tribune Society, Inc.

Alphonso B. Deal Scholarship

We are pleased to announce that the Alphonso B. Deal Committee in a small ceremony in Supreme Court, Kings County – Criminal Term,  awarded Aubri Mattison with a $500 book scholarship.
Aubri will be attending Iona University in the Fall.
We wish Aubri and her family much success in her future endeavors! 
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The Tribune Society, Inc.

Of the Courts in the State of New York

President’s Message

I pray that this message finds each of you well, safe, and spirited. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted our society and way of life. These turbulent times have been met with a tenacious effort from national and international actors to resolve this medical issue. The persistence of racial trauma, compounded by this pandemic, has thousands of people in our communities fighting for their lives. The accompanying economic collapse has spread across the country and with issues weighing heavily on the African American community, which has aggravated long-standing disparities, including the lack of equal access to affordable, high-quality health care. The frustration and pain of the last few months had been brought to a fever pitch by the horrendous murder of George Floyd, Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor, etc., laying bare to the persistence of racism that infects all our institutions.

Injustices have plagued the black community for hundreds of years. New and cross-generations of our people are stepping up and out into the forefront of leadership. We are encouraged by the knowledge and efforts of the work and history of greats like Martin Luther King, Jr., Congressman John Lewis, and countless others who sacrificed their lives to fight for civil rights and equality for black Americans. Their peaceful protests and marches were distracted by criminal activity by those who did not want to see equal rights for blacks in America. We must continue with the objectives of pursuing civil rights for all.

Systemic racism is in many forms of disparities that hinder or prevents the opportunity of a considerable number of African Americans to develop and implement their intellectual potential and skillsets. During this historical time, many blacks have found and elevated the level of their voices in an unprecedented show of substantive demand for change and reform. Especially the practices, policies, and behavior of government institutions that continue to devastate our communities are also too important for the rest of us to remain silent.

The Tribune Society continues our commitment to speak up wherever and whenever we see injustice. We cannot, nor will we stay silenced about things that matter. We recognize and know that the road towards change starts with listening but does not end there. With persistence, courage, and commitment, we pledge to implement actions to effect change. Freedom matters not only for some but for all. It is up to us to continue a legacy that the Founders entrusted to us; to be advocates of equal opportunity and to eliminate practices of racism against Blacks in government and all segments of society. We must do our part to make the world a better place for generations to come.

I challenge all to educate yourself and those around you on the issues affecting marginalized communities. Discover where the need is in your community, and once identified, demand change. Find an organization in your community that is already working to correct those issues and volunteer, and if one does not exist, start one.

Finally, and most importantly, VOTE. Vote as if your life, my life, and those in your communities depend on it because it does.


Leah Richardson, President
Dean Hutchins, Vice President







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